Hotel Puerta Serranos 4*SUP

Charm and elegance

Puerta Serranos Hotel mixes the sophistication and design of the chain’s most modern building with a classic location in the city on the edge of the largest urban garden in Spain.

***Opening soon***

A hotel on the moon of Valencia

This luxury hotel will make you relive the classic history of Valencia, when by closing the city gates, passers-by could stay outside, right where our building is now, sleeping “on the moon of Valencia”. Of course, with all the luxury and exclusivity of a superior 4-star hotel.

In the middle of Blanquerías street and next to the 14th century Torres de Serranos, our firm manages to relive the most intimate sensations of the city in an exclusive, designer space with a green lung in front of your window.


At MYR Hotels we have implemented continuous cleaning and disinfection protocols before, during and after each stay so that you can visit us with complete sanitary confidence, and help our hotels to be COVID-19 free.

Upon arrival you will be provided with all the relevant information so that our hygiene and safety measures continue to be followed, ensuring that your stay is comfortable and safe.


The Hotel is smoke-free, so smoking and vaping are NOT allowed throughout the building. In case of infringement, the applicable sanction will be carried out, as stated in Law 42/2010 of December 30, 2010, of up to 600 euros.

Hotel Puerta Serranos 4*SUP

Nothing compares to the experience and luxury of living a night on the Moon in Valencia at our Hotel Puerta Serranos.

Hotel in the centre of Valencia

Calle de las Blanquerías Nº4
46003 Valencia
+34 960 661 318