Different environments,
a unique essence

At MYR Hotels, we are committed to generating a complete offer for the different public that make up the tourism of the city without losing our main values and demanding level. In this way the thorough details, the quality and personalisation of our services or the design and history of our premises are non-negotiable.

In addition to our highly demanding levels, the traveller will undergo a deep experience of the city and that is why, we feel proud about the privileged situation of our hotels with respect to the main tourist attractions.

To guarantee this experience, the selection of unique buildings, the design and the decoration with high quality materials are part of our brand.

Global vision of the brand

We have grown from honesty, commitment and respect for Valencian history.

MYR Hotels live up to your demands based on work and maximum attention to what seems trivial so that clients perceive the luxury, detail and tangible exclusivity in all the environments we offer them.

Collaborations with agencies and companies

We pay attention and study collaboration proposals with agencies and partners that ensure the same level of quality and demanding service as we do, since our commitment to an experience of immersion in Valencian culture and life must be completed with excellent client service.

This demand for top standards leads us to collaborate with firms such as Lladró and other well-known brands that enable us to guarantee quality to our clients.

A brand that focuses on people

And this is the most important issue, especially because it has a two-fold focus: We pay attention to people who are our clients, because we owe our success and our attention and care to them. In our boutique hotels we do not seek quantity but quality and the relationship with our clients through unique experiences.

What’s more, we focus on people who are our employees, as it is the only way to offer that a demanding level to our clients. We take action, such as arranging ongoing training, stable work teams and favorable conditions for development and promotion within the company.

We have developed a well-rounded proposal to enjoy Valencia in many ways

Head Office

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